G – Shampoo Bars. Oola ‘secrets.’



Saponified oils of coconut, olive, sunflower, castor, grapeseed, jojoba, cocoa and shea butter, Vitamin B-5 (DL Panthenol), silk powder, citric acid sodium lactate and essentials. These bars are infused with calendula, lavender, comfrey, chamomile and burdock roots from the Oola gardens. Some contain locally sourced – organic goat milk and some contain sourced coconut milk.

One of the ‘secrets’ to the silky Oola Body Care Shampoo Bars comes directly from our garden. There are certain flower petals/buds  that lend themselves to hair care. These beautiful flowers not only aid in the care of the scalp but the hair shafts themselves. Among these are calendula, chamomile, comfrey and lavender. Oola shampoo bar oils are infused with these petals/buds, which are collected and dried right from our garden, over a very low heat for several hours. The result is a shampoo bar infused with goodness. Another additional root that is fabulous for the scalp is burdock root. Oola only uses the finest quality root. The oils and their individual percentages are mightily important due to the fact that all oils have different absorption rates and some are more or less likely to leave residue.

Thus far, everyone who has given Oola Body Care feedback, has specifically mentioned how easily the shampoo rinses off with no need for any kind of vinegar rinse. It has taken many batches to find the perfect formula of oils, butters, special ingredients and their quantities of petal/buds/root to create our signature recipe but we are very well pleased with the results.

Either goat or coconut milk are also added to batches for added nourishment. You can go to the Shampoo Bar page for all ingredients and their properties.

You can go here (Shampoo Bar) for more info.

And to answer one persons’s question. Yes, these bars are incredibly time consuming to create!

*As with all body products you purchase (wherever that may be)  it is advisable to test a small amount on a patch of skin to be sure there are no reactions. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional skin care provider for serious skin issues.*



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